A Face for Conference Calls

It might be low self-esteem, or it might be a desire to get to the demo faster, but the vast majority of sales reps never turn on their camera.

No matter what the reason, Reps who hide behind the curtain are missing an opportunity to make a personal connection, a connection that makes Buyers more likely to call back, to respond to emails, to introduce you to others and generally treat you like a fellow human being.



Get it on

Even if it’s just for 20 seconds, start every online meeting with your camera on and broadcasting. 

Introduce yourself with the same smile you’d have on if you were in their conference room, and give your prospects a wave since you can’t shake hands. It takes practice, but make sure you’re looking at the camera, not your face in the camera preview.

The chances are your prospect won’t want to reciprocate by sharing their video. They’re probably just not expecting it. That’s OK.

After you’ve introduced yourself, switch to your presentation to avoid making your prospect feel uncomfortable or rude for not sharing their own camera.

At the end of your presentation, turn your camera back on to say thanks and good-bye. And remember to wave and give a smile.

You’ll stand out and they’re going to like you, because you’ve proved there’s a real person on the other end of the line.


Look behind you!

It’s important to be aware of your surroundings, as they represent a huge opportunity to deliver authority: You don’t want a ton of motion distracting from your message, or co-workers messing around.

Do some screen tests. Make sure the lighting is good, and make sure whatever is behind you represents the kind of expertise you’re promising to deliver. 

This is even more important if you work from home. No one wants to know you’re in your bedroom. A whiteboard works really well, at the very least get a map or a bookshelf. Maybe a lock.


Where else to be seen

Video conferencing isn’t the only place to share your face, but you don’t want to be obvious about wanting to show off your good looks.

Ideally your company has a page that hosts your professional profile that you can link to, or you use sales software like DealPoint that leverages your Rep Profile to establish trust as a key component of the deal lifecycle.

Other good techniques include adding an “About us” in your presentation with your industry credentials and a photo  (assuming you have a version that you share with the prospect) or bylined articles that you can casually link to.

Remember tho — “About us” belongs at the end of preso, since the preso is supposed to be “About Them”

You can also ensure that other decision makers see your human side if you share recordings of your meetings (or again, you use software like DealPoint that lets prospects easily access meetings themselves). 

DON’T put your photo in your email signature file

Unless you sell real estate, then it’s totally OK for some reason.