You should be part of this

We’re building & selling software that is fixing real problems and making the entire economy slightly more efficient.


But it would be so much better if you were part of the team.


We’re located in the sharpest office in SE Portland (including hand-crafted carbonated water on tap, rooftop patio and a full hardware prototyping shop) with a team of super-smart developers, marketers and sales people who love being here.

Our leadership team includes a Brit and a German, so we have a European attitude to work-life balance and a progressive attitude towards team lunches.

We’d love you to join us.


Company covers 100% of healthcare premiums for all employees. Silver plan through Regence Blue Cross.

Competitive Salary

DealPoint is 100% self-funded and operates in the black, so we’re able to offer competitive salaries while staying 100% focused on making fantastic software.

Equal Opportunity Employer

People from different backgrounds are more likely to approach problems differently. With that wider perspective, our team is more likely to perform better.

Equity Options

When we say part of the company, we mean it. Generous equity options available.

Flexible Paid Time Off

Four weeks paid time off to start, up to six weeks after two years. We just believe people work better if they’ve got some balance.


Retirement plan

Retirement plan with company matching.


Enterprise Application Engineer

Job ref: DEV-192808

We write clean, lean code that delivers delightful features to our customers.

We’re looking for an enterprise application developer who wants to flex their creative skills and make their mark on our company.

This is a senior leadership role focused on software architecting and modeling, reporting directly to our CTO. You’ll also get to write plenty of code as part of a six-developer team.

We follow Agile development principles and our stack is Kotlin, TypeScript, React, Docker, Gradle, PostgreSQL, and more.

This is a full-time position including competitive salary, equity, and benefits.

Our office is in SE Portland. Please no agencies or remote applicants.



Who you are

  • Great communicator, team player, and pair programmer who sees a team win as the only win that counts.
  • Excited to make a big impact as part of a startup team.
  • Driven to figure out the solution, even if that means learning something new or spending time in front of the whiteboard dissecting different approaches.
  • Understands and applies functional programming, SOLID principles, DRY and YAGNI and actually prefers TDD/BDD over any other approach.



  • Create innovative, scalable, fault-tolerant software solutions
  • Write tools to automate any aspect of the software engineering process, with a focus on improving individual developer experience, such as code generation and continuous delivery
  • Refactor and write efficient code with deep test coverage
  • Create clear technical specifications
  • Collaborate with other team members on incremental architecture and process improvements
  • Support team in continuously improving our pair programming practice


Skills / Experience

  • Architecture: Can conceptualize and visualize the flow of data between components, processes, and machines over time and explain it to others
  • Engineering: Able to perform computational complexity assessments of one’s own and other people’s code
  • Process: Able to assess incoming business requirements and transform into developer-ready tickets then write the code OR support another developers as required.
  • Language: Experience with both functional and object-oriented patterns in any C-like language or ES6, plus interest and willingness to learn Kotlin, React, and TypeScript
  • Database: Optimize the execution time of a query to some sort of database (relational, document, column, distributed)
  • Nice to have: Experience with containerized deployments (in AWS or elsewhere) & the JVM


Additional Application Instructions

Please email the following to

  • A short note on why you’d like to work with us and/or why you love startups
  • Your LinkedIn / / resume
  • Github profile or other place where we can see some real code examples (non-work projects are OK)