DealPoint + Clari: Driving Mutual Success

Big news: DealPoint has been acquired by Clari, the revenue operations leader.

Since we founded DealPoint, we’ve focused on making the entire economy slightly more efficient. We’ve never taken investment, we’ve been fortunate to have worked with some of the smartest sales leaders and individual contributors in the world, and we love what we do.

We couldn’t be more excited to now be a part of Clari, so I wanted to take a moment to explain why we made the decision to join forces.

I first saw Clari back at Dreamforce 2018, and when I got home to Portland, I told the team “we need to watch these guys.” Fast forward to May 2021 with Clari CEO Andy Byrne’s keynote at Generation Revenue, I told the team, “we really need to watch these guys.”  

Clari has been saying the same things we’ve been saying, but at scale

Where we said collaboration, they said connected. Where we talk about operationalized process, they talk about efficient and predictable revenue. Clari has created and defined the revenue operations category, just as we’ve defined the mutual action plan (MAP) category.

So when we started to talk, everything fell into place really fast.

Clari has the best pipeline management and forecasting workflows for revenue teams on the planet, ingesting time-series opportunity, email, calendar, conversation and account data to deliver accurate revenue forecasts that allow literally thousands of sellers, revenue leaders, CEOs, and board members to sleep at night.

Meanwhile, DealPoint knows deal management and buyer/seller collaboration. 

With a MAP, sellers get instant validation on value prop, buyer team and timeline. Because both sides are operating from an actual plan, front line managers can see not only what has been done on a deal, but also what hasn’t been done.

In other words, we know which buyers are serious, which deals are going to stall and what needs to happen to keep everything running smoothly.

Incorporating those buyer signals gives Clari new insight into deal health that will revolutionize deal inspections, resource allocation, and forecast accuracy for frontline managers.

From our perspective, Clari offers data & resources that our team could only dream of before. We can leverage Clari AI to proactively recommend the most appropriate MAP templates, and we can use their scale to evolve those templates faster over literally tens of thousands of deals.  

So… a couple of calls to action

To our existing customers:
As we said when we reached out this morning, you should see no change in the short term, and long term there is always a place for you. You got us here and we’re not going to forget that. Clari’s first and most important value is to be one with customers – and now that includes DealPoint customers as well.

To those thinking about DealPoint who aren’t Clari customers:
Schedule a conversation with us to learn more about the joint power of mutual action plans and Clari.

To those already using Clari:
Talk to your account manager and let’s get you signed up for the Early Access Program.

To those who don’t know what a MAP is:
Read up! If you’re not collaborating with your customer to find a mutual path to fix their problem, then your competitors probably are.


Finally, I can’t end without a few key thank-yous. There must be 50+ people I should name, but I’m going to hard stop at just five: From DealPoint, my co-founder Thomas Jung, the best CTO and business partner anyone could ever hope to meet, and J Waite, who delivered exemplary design and UX from day one. From Clari, Andy Byrne and Patrick MacDonell who saw the opportunity and made it happen. From home, my wife Maren, who’s been real, real supportive for a long, long time. 

Onwards and upwards everyone. 


Tom Williams
Head of DealPoint
Clari, Inc. 

Find me on LinkedIn, or email me at or if you want to know more.

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