Podcast: Close More Deals, Faster With Proactive Disqualification

Conversation with Andy Paul of The Sales House

If you didn’t have a chance to attend, please enjoy the webinar I hosted with Tom Williams.
Tom, the founder and CEO of DealPoint, is passionate about quickly disqualifying prospects unlikely to buy from you.
We dive deep into the importance of proactive prospect disqualification and how to do it.
After that, we go into what I call “Mutually Assured Disqualification.”
It’s absolutely essential for sellers to learn how to identify those prospects that are not a fit for you. Otherwise, you’ll waste your limited and valuable selling time with the wrong buyers.
What will you learn from my session with Tom Williams?
1. How to use disqualification as a time-creator for more prospecting.
2. The importance of Mutual Action Plan for successful ongoing disqualification.
3. Practical disqualification exit criteria for later stage deals.
4. Evaluating who in your team is good at proactive disqualification.
Who should watch this webinar?
If you identify with any of these four statements:
1. Half my pipeline is junk, I just don’t know which half.
2. My forecast isn’t strong, and management isn’t happy.
3. My team suffers from Happy Ears.
4. I need an objective system to evaluate languishing deals.
– Andy Paul