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Why do we do this?

Sales is a brutal occupation. A one-in-ten success rate is considered normal and deals that look golden can crash and burn with no warning, killing your numbers and wasting months of effort.

But when the Rep and the Customer see the deal from the same perspective, there’s less risk for both sides and the deal is more likely to succeed. It’s a simple idea, and it’s changing how deals are done in nearly every vertical.

Imagine making the entire economy more efficient, not by automating people out of a job, but by oiling the infrastructure of deal-making itself. 

That’s why we’re here.

If there’s anything we can do to make your deal infrastructure better, just let us know.

Management Team

We love this stuff.

Tom Williams

Tom Williams


20+ years in software, electronics and agency, including founder of three previous startups and VP for $50M company with int’l sales team.

Tom has a proven record in strategic planning, lead generation, and PR serving on the executive team of industry leaders such as Audio Precision, agencies like Wave Rock PR and as well as startups that no one has ever heard of. On the sales side, he has managed direct teams and distributors and as well as getting down in the sales trenches himself.

Auto-rapport-generator: Tom bikes to work rain or shine and is an English long-bow archer. Dual citizen US / UK with a politics and philosophy degree from the University of Sheffield.

Thomas Jung

Thomas Jung


20+ years architecting, coding and leading teams building anything from 1-pagers to enterprise integrations for Oracle, HP, and Jive.

A senior full stack developer & systems architect with a deep understanding of modern web technologies and an unerring focus on customer utility. In addition to running operations and Scrum Mastering/mentoring a team of engineers, he averages 400+ lines of unit-tested code per calendar day. Certified Java Programmer, Certified Scrum Master, Javascript & Web, no/SQL, C#.

Auto-rapport-generator: Thomas is an expert assembler of Ikea furniture and it never stresses him out. Dual citizen US / Germany.