ConnectAndSell: 2x Close Rate with DealPoint


ConnectAndSell is a conversation weapon and revenue design system that gives sales teams 10x more live conversations per sales person per day. ConnectAndSell has a fast initial sale, but expanding a major account is more complex and churn can be very expensive. Leadership identified that setting expectations with the customer was a key inflection point — who on the buying team was going to be responsible for reviewing performance, when  AE re-engage etc.



With DealPoint, ConnectAndSell can share a Mutual Action Plan with each new customer, outlining the mutual milestones they need to accomplish the customer’s demand generation goals. The ConnectAndSell team then uses DealPoint to hold  sales, customer success and the customer’s team accountable to the agreed plan, through the lifetime value of the project..  

ConnectAndSell VP for EMEA Gerry Hill  reports that deals that have a DealPoint MAP see a 20% uplift and they won the expanded deal won 2x more often vs. deals where they didn’t deploy a Mutual Action Plan.  

I get calls where the customer will say “this is game changing” because we’re showing them a proven path to success. On our side, DealPoint holds both sides accountable, which means easier coordination and more consistent selling. It also establishes expertise and credibility because it offers assurance and shows that this is just “typical” for our team to be able to deliver this kind of value. Thank you Dealpoint”