Ever worried your prospect doesn’t really get it?

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Here's What To Do, Sales process

If you have a complicated value premise, or if your sales pitch includes an education piece, there’s a very good chance your Prospect is only absorbing about 25% of what you say.

You have to keep in mind that you talk about this stuff all day, but for them, it’s the first they’ve heard it. Unfortunately, they’ll never admit they don’t get it or that you lost them on slide two.

So you have to make sure they’re comprehending as well as hearing.

Here’s what to do: 


Ask them for parallels for each point you make

At the top of your presentation, summarize your primary value premise, then as you go through the demo,for each point you make, ask them if there’s a parallel in their own situation.

Being forced to paraphrase ensures they have good comprehensive, and gives you great insight into which of your value proposals are actually relevant to them.

For the rest of the discussion, use their parallel as the go-to example. And write it down so you can quote it back to them later when you’re going for the close.

Share reference materials

Share a curated list of supporting docs (starting with a leave-behind version of your main presentation). For each document, be sure to highlight where it’s relevant.

Additional references can help them understand your concepts at a deeper level, or at the very least,  show them that they can trust what you’re saying at the surface level even if they don’t dig deeper for themselves.

Show the ROI

Use an ROI calculator together to arrive at a dollar estimate of value. Even if they forget the exact “how” your solution brings about the ROI, they will remember a dollar figure, and that’s what they’re going to be making their decision on.

Watch out

Sharing the exact presentation you gave live is risky because it won’t make sense without your spoken narrative.

Or at least, it shouldn’t if was a good deck.

DealPoint makes this a lot easier to manage. Your prospects will thank you.

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