Get Stacked: Company Wide Tech Stack

by | Mar 17, 2017

Every technical discussion includes asking about “the stack”, and every tech company probably has a stack-looking diagram with their host of choice, database of choice, backend and front-end technologies.

When I was drawing up our tech stack for a DealPoint operations review, I realized that several services extend beyond engineering and protrude into other departments.

As an experiment, I expanded horizontally to create a department-by-department Company Tech Stack.

It’s proven really helpful.

You can see where different teams interact, and where there might be the risk of information being trapped. You can see who has — or should have — edit and view rights for cross-functional assets like product wireframes and customer data.

You can also evaluate the case for consolidation where different teams are using similar but different services, especially when you start counting how many places the same data resides and trace the lines to see who is syncing to whom when records get updated.

Finally, just the exercise of making the chart helped me see if we were accidentally paying for services that no one was actually using.

Good stuff

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