Podcast: How to create buyer-seller transparency in enterprise sales

Conversation with Jan Kartusek of Entrepreneurs in B2B Sales


Jan speaks with Tom Williams the CEO at Dealpoint 

Listen as Tom talks about how to sell more effectively and faster when doing enterprise sales by being more transparent with your buyers and how his software Dealpoint help B2B sales reps do this.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes:

[01:50] What is Dealpoint?
[02:30] What’s the disconnect between sales reps and buyers?
[04:51] Who can benefit from Dealpoint and why it’s only for complex sales process?
[06:08] Why are buyers the most important person in your sales process?
[07:04] What are the major features of Dealpoint?
[14:30] How is Dealpoint different from emails or proposals?
[19:10]  How big is the company.
[20:45] How Tom transitioned from sales to the CEO role?
[21:55] Who are they customers?
[27:15] What’s the future of sales technology
Top 3 pieces of advice for anyone in B2B sales:

  1. Reverse order of your slides
  2. Talk about their problems
  3. Do your research