Podcast: Sales Discovery Calls – Breakthrough or DQ

Conversation with Chris Ortolano and Kevin Greene 


You’re on the phone with a prospect, they expresses  interest, but unable to commit to a firm “yes” or “no” to move the deal forward. 

What does it take to “Breakthrough or DQ” (disqualify) in this situation and what are the advantages of early disqualification?

Join Tom Williams, Co-Founder and CEO of DealPoint,  and Kevin Greene, Founder/President of Breakthrough Negotiating, as they discuss a 5 stage Breakthrough or DQ process that you can apply today

Learn how to stress test your deals for risk factors, then use negotiation principles to break through the “discovery plateau”

The discovery plateau is that continuous loop of communication and content sharing that we use in an attempt to provoke a buying signal.

 Instead learn when to ask qualifying questions that help prospects commit to next steps, and use qualifying criteria to DQ and move on the next best opportunity. 

Moderator: Chris Ortolano, Founder and Principle of Outbound Edge,  exclusively focused on pipeline assessments, conversation intelligence, and reducing risk to increase forecast accuracy.

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