We’re spending on the wrong things

Did you know the average sales team spends $6666 per rep per year on sales tech?

But your reps aren’t the ones with the problem. They’re not the people who’ve never bought your solution, who are paralyzed with indecision. They’re not the ones with the money and the decision to make.

Your sellers aren’t the ones who need help — that would be your buyers.

So don’t think of DealPoint as yet another tool hitting the sales enablement budget.

Think of it as your first line item in your buyer-enablement budget. 

Hey. You’re still thinking about the time & cost of trying this.

We get it.

We’ve thought about trying a ton of software too. And it’s usually more about the change management than the money.

So we made this handy cost-benefit analysis of a pilot.

Short story: Just a few hours will deliver measurable confirmation of DealPoint’s impact on your net sales; plus immediate value from our benchmark assessment of your existing sales process.