Mutually agreed next steps

Having an explicit, prominent call out makes it easy for reps to start the conversation of “So, what’s our next step”. It’s especially helpful to prompt junior reps, while letting senior reps establish control for the long game.

Everyone up to date

Every deal room has a content block for reps to capture next steps while they’re in the deal room with their prospect.

Getting a commitment in real time makes the next step 4x more likely to actually happen.

Updates to the Next Steps can be shared either as a calendar invite (when there’s a meeting for example) or simply as an email sent from DealPoint to everyone associated with the room..

Status pushed to Salesforce

Every next step is pushed to the CRM, a key data point for Sales Ops to use when scoring the opportunity.

And if the meeting does end inconclusively, at least the Manager and Rep know not to score it as a high probability close, so forecasts are more accurate and Reps can spend their time on more fruitful opportunities.

If there’s no next step, there’s no deal


Homo Erectus Absolutely Killed It

At the dawn of man, we only had a few tools, each one created only after careful consideration of what was actually needed to get the job done. Today we run the risk of the tools becoming the master, sucking time that should be spent with customers and spitting out process so prescriptive that our natural craftiness atrophies and we’re unable to innovate out in the wild.

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