Sales Rep Profile

With a profile that’s 100% focused on why they should be the prospect’s trusted partner right on the page, reps establish credibility faster and prospects feel safer vouching for the solution.

Rapport with the whole team

Every deal room features the Rep’s photo, contact info and link to a detailed profile.

If a prospect sees a rep’s face, they’re more likely to establish a personal connection (video helps too).

Later on, other decision makers can click to learn all about the rep.

Credibility not work history

LinkedIn covers someone’s entire work history. What it doesn’t answer is why this rep is the best partner to help the prospect solve their problem.

With the DealPoint profile, the rep’s profile can be perfectly tailored to establish industry credibility and prove relevant expertise.

And if by chance the rep lacks industry experience, then their profile can focus some other qualifications… or how this rep is just one person on a deep bench.

Easier endorsements

Endorsing a vendor to internally can be politically risky, but it’s a crucial step to a successful sale.

With DealPoint, prospects can point to the rep’s profile without taking responsibility saying “Here’s my vendor, I like her, what do you think?”. It’s easier to make the introduction internally and prospects feel safer vouching because there’s something to back it up.

Easy contact information

It’s a small detail, but having the Rep’s phone and email always on hand makes it easy for the prospect to reach out if they have questions.

Who’s looking

A prospect evaluating a rep’s profile is an excellent proxy for customer interest; so any time any prospect looks at the Profile, that activity is automatically reported to Salesforce.

Twitter and LinkedIn

Reps can also choose to link to their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts from within their DealPoint profile if it’ll help establish that critical credibility.

Just ask yourself this: will it help the sale for prospects to know the Rep was a dog walker right before they got this job?


Homo Erectus Absolutely Killed It

At the dawn of man, we only had a few tools, each one created only after careful consideration of what was actually needed to get the job done. Today we run the risk of the tools becoming the master, sucking time that should be spent with customers and spitting out process so prescriptive that our natural craftiness atrophies and we’re unable to innovate out in the wild.

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