Activity tracking in Salesforce

Every DealPoint deal room can be connected to a Salesforce Opportunity with a couple of clicks, automatically pushing fine-grained deal activity to Salesforce with no manual data entry required.

Two-way contact sync

When inviting prospects to a new deal room,  DealPoint will display any contacts already connected to the associated opportunity, making it easy to add the right people to the deal room.

On the flip slide, whenever the rep (or the prospect) invites someone new to the deal room, DealPoint checks with Salesforce, and if that person is not already known and associated with the Opportunity, DealPoint will create a new contact inside Salesforce and associate them to the Opportunity.

Activity tracking

DealPoint automatically tracks everything that matters in the deal, giving the rep and Sales Ops fine-grained resolution into customer engagement, some of which is simply unavailable from any other system.

Customer engagement

  • Visits to the deal room
  • File / link downloads
  • Rep Profile visits

Deal room status

  • Room invitations (new people being invited by prospect)
  • Updates to Next steps
  • File / link uploads
  • Web conference participants


Unique perspective of internal decision structure

Seeing prospects send room invites gives the sales team a unique view into the internal decision making structure of the customer, allowing them to research and engage with the true decision makers as those decision makers engage with the deal room.

Simple setup

DealPoint connects to your organization’s Salesforce instance with just a couple of clicks. No API keys or IT intervention required.

SFDC Requirements

To take advantage of any Salesforce API-enabled app (including DealPoint), your organization must have Team or Enterprise Edition, or Pro with API support.

No manual data entry

DealPoint saves reps hours of data entry by automatically pushing next steps, meeting attendees and file uploads to Salesforce.

The CRM should be the system of record, but it’s only as useful as the data that gets entered.


Homo Erectus Absolutely Killed It

At the dawn of man, we only had a few tools, each one created only after careful consideration of what was actually needed to get the job done. Today we run the risk of the tools becoming the master, sucking time that should be spent with customers and spitting out process so prescriptive that our natural craftiness atrophies and we’re unable to innovate out in the wild.

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