The Pros and Cons of Using Managed Services to Generate B2B Sales Leads

by | May 2, 2018

A guest blog by Maryann Thomas, at CloudTask

If you’re looking to grow your organization or are struggling with sales, you may be considering hiring an outsourced sales team to improve this area of your business, whether it’s to hit targets, generate qualified leads or give your company that much-needed growth boost.

A managed service provider (MSP) refers to an organization which manages a particular function (accounting, HR, IT, sales) of your business remotely.

This could significantly cut costs, boost staff retention and save time spent recruiting, training and onboarding new team members. On the other hand, what if using a managed service leads to a loss of control, giving you more issues to stress about?

Did you know? The managed services market will be worth more than $200 billion by 2019.


A fully equipped team

When you use an MSP to grow your sales, you’re not just hiring a sales rep, but a whole team of specialists to support you, at a fraction of the cost. This could include Account Managers, QA Analysts, BDRs and Content Writers who are screened, vetted, interviewed and hired based on their relevant experience, qualifications and skills.

They are also provided with ongoing training and professional development on every aspect of the sales process – pitching, presenting, objection handling, closing, and more – which makes them highly qualified to help with your B2B lead generation efforts.


Leveraging the latest thinking

An MSP will connect you with a team who have their finger on the pulse of the latest sales trends to attract and nurture leads, as well as the must-have cloud-based technology to help improve operational efficiency.  

Many MSPs wil adopt a combination of inbound sales, social selling, email outreach, outbound calls and/or sales chat, all designed to provide you with relevant and qualified B2B leads who are specifically interested in your product or service.

They will look to work with you to find the best methodology for your needs and continually analyze and optimize it to ensure success.

Time to focus on your core business objectives

Think about the time and resources required to recruit, train and onboard a single employee. One of the big benefits of using managed services is that it frees up time that could be better spent on other pressing or strategic areas for your company.

An MSP provides you with a fully equipped team who have already been trained in Hubspot, CRM, sales analytics and sales. Additionally, using efficient cloud software means minimizing time spent on manual tasks, admin and printing.

When you have a capable and efficient team who are on hand to cover all your sales needs, you have the time, energy and resources to concentrate on the areas of your business that really need attention.


Higher retention rates

With a managed service, you don’t have to worry about staff leaving you for your competitor.

MSPs recruit a team of high performing and results-oriented individuals who enjoy working for diverse clients across the cloud and in a dynamic environment where they are constantly learning about the latest sales tech and trends. Despite this, there is more of a guarantee of a higher return-on-investment with remote employees as they are held highly accountable against established KPIs and a strict QA process (more on this a little later).


How to choose the right MSP

As a B2B company, you want to choose an MSP who has specific experience in B2B sales as the sales process is longer and more complex.

This is where MSPs that specialize in B2B shine as they have diverse clients and staff who have sector knowledge and expertise in a particular area, such as computer software.



Loss of control

One of the most cited objections among potential prospects is the fear of losing control of their business. This is a valid concern as a lack of visibility in the absence of a physical team could lead to worries about communication, accountability and transparency.

While it’s true that ‘what you don’t see is what you don’t know,’ keep in mind that it’s not that easy to lose control of your business, as your MSP is contractually bound to provide you with the identified service.

Hiring an MSP is a mutually-beneficial relationship where the onus is on both parties to work towards the same goals, while the hired agency actively ‘manages’ the process. It’s a two-way street.

There are several types of cloud software that can easily help you achieve this. For instance, Hubspot’s CRM software allows you to track 100% of your outsourced sales team’s calls and interactions with the customer.


A communication breakdown

When your team lives in the cloud, it is natural to assume that this would only lead to… well, an increase in chaos – miscommunication with colleagues, a lack of clarity on timelines or other issues that could arise when a team is not physically together.

An MSP is acutely aware of the challenges of communicating with colleagues spread across different time zones, and is dependent on specialist software that can help fill this perceived ‘gap’. There’s RingCentral for example, in which you can host business meetings, attend events, interviews, video conferences or webinars. It even allows you to record training demos which can be shared with employees.

Cheap and ineffective outsourcing

Outsourcing once used to have a poor reputation, often synonymous with cheap and therefore ineffective labour. Organizations who are completely new to the concept may have a mental block against hiring a team remotely, or it’s often considered as a fall back option when funding is low.

The world has shrunk today, and the nature of the workplace, both in terms of business growth and talent acquisition is highly competitive.

Armed with an excellent range of software and tools at hand, why not embrace the thinking that outsourcing need not be Plan B?  Why not consider results instead of cost.

tThe truth is that an MSP actually gives you a great and even superior alternative with a cloud-based (international) team of highly skilled and qualified professionals who are hand-picked to serve the unique needs and goals of your company.

Quality concerns

You can’t be faulted for worrying about the performance of your outsourced sales team. After all, you hired them to make a significant impact to your sales and growth, and you want to see results.

A robust and well-implemented Quality Assurance procedure is at the heart of every MSP as it measures how sales agents are complying with its policies and procedures.

Why is it important for you then? Because it enables employees to enhance their performance and excel in their services to you.

With a documented Quality Assurance procedure in place, you can rest assured that your remote sales team will continually be held accountable for their performance based on various monitoring criteria, ongoing performance improvement sessions and a training procedure designed to keep them up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.


What’s right for you?


If you need a little help with your B2B sales generation then using managed services can be a great starting point.

However, think about how well this option can work for a company of your size, structure and financial standing. On the one hand, there are worries about performance, communication and reliability of such an outsourced team. On the other, are significant cost and time savings, and a trained and talented team of specialists focused on your sales goals.

What we would like to leave you with is that when it’s possible hire a managed external team, you should always consider it as an alternative, and in doing so, you will often find it’s the best solution.


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