Reducing the time between the demo and the close

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Here's What To Do, Sales calls

Hardly any deals close in the first sales call. But for each day that passes without a decision, the chance of a win decreases.

By adding a couple of standard actions into your sales process, you can shorten that post-meeting decision window, increasing the chance of a win and freeing you up to work on the next deal.

Here’s what to do:

Share a case study

Key off something… (anything!) that the Prospect said during the demo. Make sure to that you highlight why this asset is relevant to their specific situation, ideally making an ROI case with a sense of urgency. Repeat this on a weekly basis so you stay top of mind. You can also share news reports that tie into your value premise.

Save the date

Each time you have a conversation, don’t end the meeting until you and your Prospect have agreed an explicit next step with a date. Send an email (or update your next steps on DealPoint) to capture the agreed action.

Get off the phone!

Once you’ve secured the next step, get off the phone. All you can do now is wreck it.

Watch out

Never follow up just to follow up. It’s super irritating. Find something in the news that you can tie into for urgency or to reinforce    your value and ROI, or ask for a meeting because you have dug up some more relevant use cases or data that has relevance to their pain point.

Offering an “End of the month” deal just hurt your brand. Let them ask for a discount if they really need it.

DealPoint makes this a lot easier to manage. Your prospects will thank you.

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