Getting Started Guide

Salesforce Setup

DealPoint connects to your Salesforce account to record room activity automatically. Setup should take about 3 minutes.

  1. What gets tracked
  2. Connecting Salesforce (Org Level)
  3. Connecting Salesforce (Rep Level)
  4. Associating a DealPoint room to a Salesforce opportunity 


What gets tracked

Anytime any of the following interactions occur, we update the who-what-when-and-where into the Opportunity’s Activity Timeline

  1. Prospect enters deal room
  2. Prospect downloads (or uploads) a file
  3. Prospect participates in a web conference
  4. Prospect invites new person to room
  5. Prospect checks out Rep profile
  6. Rep uploads a file
  7. Rep updates Next Steps (this is saved to the “Next Step” field in Opportunity detail view



Connecting Salesforce (Org level)

To connect your DealPoint account to your Salesforce account, the DealPoint admin for your organization needs to authenticate our Salesforce integration inside Salesforce. Note that this person must also have Salesforce admin permissions as well. 

Your Salesforce permissions
Your Salesforce instance will need to be configured as follows:

– “API Enabled” permission on
– “Streaming API” permission on
– Read/Write (Create) permissions on all Standard Objects for OAuth clients

To verify that the “API Enabled” and “Streaming API” permissions are enabled in your organization, from Setup in your Salesforce UI, enter User Interface in the Quick Find box, then select User Interface.

Assuming you are an authorized Salesforce admin and you’ve set the appropriate permissions inside Salesforce, please follow the below steps

  1. Log in to DealPoint at
  2. Click on the Salesforce tab
  3. Check the “I confirm…” statement, then the Connect button
  4. You’ll be prompted to log in to Salesforce if you’re not already logged in
  5. Salesforce will ask you to grant access for DealPoint to talk to your Salesforce instance
  6. If you want to edit or revoke the DealPoint connection, you can do so from DealPoint,
    or in Salesforce, you can go to Settings > Platform Tools > Apps > Connected Apps > Connected Apps OAuth Usage and revoke the connection there.
  7. When you disconnect, DealPoint deletes all Salesforce references from our database.

Connecting Salesforce (Rep Level)

Once your DealPoint organization is connected, it’s simple for any Rep to connect

  1. Log in to DealPoint at
  2. Click on the Salesforce tab
  3. DealPoint will attempt to use the email address you use for DealPoint to connect to Salesforce. If that email is not a known Salesforce user, then you’ll be prompted to provide the correct email address that you use to log into Salesforce.
  4. You can confirm that the connection is working by clicking “See Salesforce Data”


Associating a DealPoint room to a Salesforce opportunity 

Once your DealPoint organization is connected, it’s simple to associate a DealPoint room to a Salesforce opportunity

  1. Create a room (or edit an existing room) and name the room
  2. Check the “Associate room with Salesforce opportunity” box
  3. Use the auto-complete to find the right opportunity — we only show open opportunities where you are the owner
  4. Click Save

Then you’ll want to invite some people to the Room

  1. Select which Salesforce contacts associated with this opportunity you want to invite to the room
  2. If you add new names, then DealPoint will tell Salesforce to add those contacts to the Opportunity as well, or if it’s a totally new person, DealPoint will create a Salesforce contact for you, and then associate them to your Opportunity.
  3. Click Invite, and DealPoint will send an invitation email to all those who are invited.

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