They said yes, they just need budget

by | Sep 9, 2016 | Here's What To Do, Sales process

Your Prospect claimed to be the decision maker, but now that they’ve said yes to you, it turns out they need to win budget up the chain.

This is a real Catch-22: their manager doesn’t want to talk directly, but your Prospect can’t be trusted to relay the value of your proposal as well as you could if you were in the room.

You have to get your version of the story into the hands of the manager.

Here’s what to do:

Executive Summary of your presentation

Make a special high-level version of your presentation that’s extra short and extra focused on ROI for your Champion to use internally.

Sharing it as a PowerPoint rather than a PDF will allow your Prospect to drop the content into their company template so it looks like your Champion’s words, which boosts credibility in the eyes of the manager.

Share assets with the manager

Make sure all the sales assets you shared with the Prospect are easily accessible to the Manager. Ideally this includes a recording of your demo so your Champion can jump to the parts that really make your case.  Be sure that each asset has a note attached on why it’s relevant (aka: how it proves your ROI claim).

Emails to your Champion are not good enough here. There’s no way they’re going to dig through everything. You also need to think about how your Champion is going to share with their Manager: Forwarding a bunch of emails won’t work and zip files get caught in email size limits.

Introduce yourself

Get your bio & credentials in front of the Manager so she can see why her Employee is putting her trust in you. This could be early in the Exec Summary of your presentation, but there’s a good chance your Champion will cut out that slide. They don’t want your resume, they just want to know if you know your stuff.

Watch out

You can ask for a meeting with the manager, but it’s not likely to happen because (a) the Champion doesn’t want to be in the middle of a conversation where she’s responsible for the outcome but doesn’t know what you might say to her boss and (b) managers rarely want to talk with vendors, they’re too busy (or important).

In the worst case, you might offend your Champion by implying they can’t represent the case for budget as well as you could, so present yourself as a resource rather than a replacement.

DealPoint makes this a lot easier to manage. Your prospects will thank you.

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