Tear Down That Wall

Smooth handover, fast time to value and focus on outcomes from day one… or even sooner.

“I’m totally focused on that day when my customers can say, ‘thank God I gave you money’”

Customer Success 

Smooth handover

Introducing the entire Selling Team and Buying Team allows the Customer Success team to establish relationships faster. Customer Success knows buyer priorities and history, as well as their names—so there are no surprises.

Faster Time to Value… and Referrals… and Upgrades

Working from a shared plan stops unnecessary implementation delays and makes it easy to determine when value has been delivered
(Pro tip: this is the same day to ask for referrals or additional projects).

Implement at scale

Well-defined process ensures every customer onboards the same way, delivering high quality, consistent experience from every team member—no matter no matter how fast you’re growing.

Simply, deliver value faster