Faster sales cycle

In any consultative sales scenario, the more information your prospect has, the more likely you’re going to find a fit, and the faster you’ll know if there’s a deal.

And if there’s no deal? It’s better to know sooner rather than later.

Win budget from outside the room

Your prospect may not be the best sales rep, but with everything in one place, they’re more likely to make the case.

Arm your champion with everything they need to show they’ve done due diligence, that the value prop is there, and your prospect is will  get the buy-in you need to close.

Work on the real decision makers

DealPoint records prospects’ every action in the deal room so you know who’s truly engaged in the deal, and which issues they care about.

And when prospects invite their colleagues to the deal room, you get insight into their decision making structure that’s simply unavailable anywhere else so you can get to work on the real decision makers.

Radio silence?  That’s OK too

No one likes to hear no, but it’s better than wasting months on a deal that’s going no where.

Use the next steps feedback and engagement data from the deal room to make an objective assessment, and if it’s not on the cards, then move on to greener fields.

The most important person in the deal is not the sales rep, so why do they get tools, when the real MVPs — the prospect — get nothing?


Homo Erectus Absolutely Killed It

At the dawn of man, we only had a few tools, each one created only after careful consideration of what was actually needed to get the job done. Today we run the risk of the tools becoming the master, sucking time that should be spent with customers and spitting out process so prescriptive that our natural craftiness atrophies and we’re unable to innovate out in the wild.

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