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Homo Erectus Absolutely Killed It

At the dawn of man, we only had a few tools, each one created only after careful consideration of what was actually needed to get the job done.

Today we run the risk of the tools becoming the master, sucking time that should be spent with customers and spitting out process so prescriptive that our natural craftiness atrophies and we’re unable to innovate out in the wild.

Simplifying your tools will give you the space to do what humans have always done best: evaluate a situation, think critically how to take advantage of what you see, then club it to death and drag it home. Or as we say today, absolutely kill this quarter’s numbers.

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A Face for Conference Calls

It might be low self-esteem, or it might be a desire to get to the demo faster, but the vast majority of sales reps never turn on their camera. No matter what the reason, Reps who hide behind the curtain are missing an opportunity to make a personal connection, a...

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Everyone has 3 minutes to live

Decision makers are busy people — or at least they should be — and thus they’re terrified of losing an hour of their day to an irrelevant sales call. You can use this fact and cut through the noise by offering a speed demo with an explicit Go/No Go at the end of three...

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Repeat After Me, A Pilot Is A Yes, Not A No

Unless your service is real cheap or has little impact on business process, you’re going to end up running a pilot program before they adopt your solution across their organization. Many sales people resent pilots, but a good pilot is the best possible thing for a...

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You only say you love trade shows when you’re drunk

Trade shows aren’t all work: who can honestly say they haven’t stripped down at an after-show party and jumped into the rooftop pool? But many sales teams just turn up at shows without a game plan, and as such they waste a massive lead gen opportunity, not...

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Get Stacked: Company Wide Tech Stack

Every technical discussion includes asking about “the stack”, and every tech company probably has a stack-looking diagram with their host of choice, database of choice, backend and front-end technologies. When I was drawing up our tech stack for a DealPoint operations...

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One call does not do it all

Most sales take more than one conversation. So why is the first meeting the only one that gets its own presentation? If you’re selling a complex solution, you should have a playbook that maps the entire sales cycle including what to cover in each call -- promising and...

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You are Donnie Brasco. Your prospect is Lefty.

It’s always risky to go to bat for someone. The champion inside your target company will be representing you, and if it goes bad, they get the blame. But you can make it safer for them to introduce you to their associates. HERE'S WHAT TO DO Show your rap sheet By...

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If there’s no next step, there’s no deal

You can't always be closing  Lots of gurus chant on about asking for the sale, but if you're not asking for the next step first, you’re never going to even get the chance to pop the big question. Some reps don’t like to ask for the next step or they don't know how,...

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Why should they believe you

The world of sales is alive with the full extremes of human behavior. With both good and bad out there — and probably calling on the same people you’re calling on — how can you prove that you’re one of the good seeds who knows your industry and is worth talking to?...

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Building an ROI Calculator That Always Pays Off

Nearly every Prospect will at least look at an ROI calculator, but most Reps aren’t taking advantage of this free offer to come in and visit your prospect’s inner sanctum. A couple of simple steps can turn your simple ROI spreadsheet into a killer qualifying tool...

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They said yes, they just need budget

DEALPOINT BLOG Your Prospect claimed to be the decision maker, but now that they've said yes to you, it turns out they need to win budget up the chain. This is a real Catch-22: their manager doesn't want to talk directly, but your Prospect can't be trusted to relay...

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Ever worried your prospect doesn’t really get it?

DEALPOINT BLOG If you have a complicated value premise, or if your sales pitch includes an education piece, there's a very good chance your Prospect is only absorbing about 25% of what you say. You have to keep in mind that you talk about this stuff all day, but for...

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Reducing the time between the demo and the close

DEALPOINT BLOG Hardly any deals close in the first sales call. But for each day that passes without a decision, the chance of a win decreases. By adding a couple of standard actions into your sales process, you can shorten that post-meeting decision window, increasing...

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Anatomy of a good online demo

DEALPOINT BLOG Some of my best presentations happened when the screen share died and I had to actually talk with the prospect. But going live without a net is risky because it puts a lot of pressure on the individual rep to be in top form all day every day. It's also...

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