Time is your enemy

by | Apr 24, 2018

The longer your sales cycle, the greater the chance that a competitor swoops in or some other issue takes priority and kills your deal.

On the other hand with better transparency and more process, a faster sales cycle pulls revenue into this quarter and gives more time to work on new business.



Enforce an upfront contract

If you get upfront agreement with the prospect for what it takes to move to the next step, there’s no down time in-between steps. A clear path forward also helps both sides secure the resources internally to get the deal done, saving everyone’s time.

Organize the deal & empower the buying team

Keep collateral, proposals, videos, next steps, links and other docs in once place so it’s easy for your champion to make your case internally. This also saves time by reducing repeat requests for misplaced assets.

Be proactive with internal decision makers

With a deal room, champions will invite internal  decision makers because it’s easier than forwarding multiple files. Tighten the internal decision making process by looking at who’s been invited to the room, then engage those decision makers to identify objections and proactively offer content to keep them moving forward.

DON’T be afraid to kick them to the curb

Trust in your qualifying questions, and if a prospect isn’t qualified, then politely end the conversation rather than trying to force something to happen.

Your average time to revenue will improve, and you’ll have more time to spend on better opportunities.

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