MAPChallenger! A DealPoint Whitepaper

When we read the second Challenger book, Challenger Customer, we got truly excited. Some of the leading thinkers in the industry were saying buyers need help buying. We concur!


But if you don’t have an easily adoptable process, you won’t see the benefits of Challenger.

We see three day-to-day issues that Challenger doesn’t address:

  • No matter how insightful your insight, you’ll never win consensus if you can’t show that you also have a safe, tested path to achieve that insight.
  • Winning consensus on your insight is only the first Yes. The hard part of selling is managing the details: pilot, requirements sign-off, legal redlines.
  • Deals slip because interim milestones slip, you need to create week-on-week urgency need to keep a deal on track.


Luckily we have our own commercial insight about that…

The MAPChallenger knows exactly where every deal stands, which Mobilizers needs to do what, and when the deal will close, go live and deliver customer ROI.Read the whitepaper for more