Customer Collaboration & Deal Management

What’s Your Plan?

Qualify and manage every deal consistently & transparently

Customer-Centric Selling

A Plan to Fix Your Customer’s Problem

DealPoint is a collaboration platform with integrated mutual action plans for solution sales & implementations.

Armed with a plan, reps disqualify fast and identify at-risk deals early so the team closes each quarter without surprises.


Guided Discovery

Establish credibility, align on need & ROI, and a perfect trial close


Deal Management

Mutually agreed milestones, relevant docs and the right people


Deal Review at Scale

Miss nothing with status of every milestone of every deal in one view


Intent Data for Forecast

Trust a forecast powered by buyer engagement data

Top sellers from some of the world’s leading sales organizations rely on DealPoint to guide their customers to value

A clear plan forward flips the perspective from
“being sold” to “helping solve my problem”

Everyone focused on the end goal of buyer value
Internal champion feels set up for success
Reduces “political” risks of endorsing a new vendor
Less homework for buyers to keep up to date
Senior stakeholder visibility prevents foot dragging