Online deal rooms for a better
buying experience

Everyone on the same page

A DealPoint deal room is the single spot for everything related to the deal. It’s for both reps and prospects from first demo to final budget approval, and it makes the sales cycle easier for both sides.

Mutually agreed next steps

Get prospects to commit then send an invite
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Web meetings made simple

Super simple video conferencing & screen share
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Drag & drop file share

All the deal’s docs & links, in context and ready to share
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I’m talking to my boss in 20 minutes, but I can’t remember most of what you said.

Can you email me everything again?

— Every prospect ever

The Prospect is the MVP of the deal, but they don’t have the tools to evaluate your solution and win budget internally, so good deals die.


A deal room fixes that.

A better buying experience

65% of purchase decisions are based on buying experience, not price. With everything in one place, there’s less work for prospects, and they have the tools they need to get buy in internally and win budget.

Short story: It’s easier to do business with you versus the competition, and easier to say yes.

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Faster sales cycles

Having everyone on the same page aligns reps and prospects on priorities and next steps, which keeps good deals moving forward and helps identify bad deals earlier in the cycle.

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Less CRM data entry for reps

DealPoint pushes every meeting, invite, next step, and file interaction to the associated opportunity in Salesforce, so reps can spend more time with customers and less time on CRM data entry.

If a prospect invites a colleague to join the room, DealPoint adds that person to the opportunity, giving reps a view into internal decision-making simply unavailable anywhere else.

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More efficient Sales Ops

From high-resolution customer engagement data powering more accurate sales forecasts to implementing better sales process to simply giving reps a more streamlined tool set, teams that use deal rooms are more efficient.

They sell more too.

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