Qualify, Collaborate and Deliver Value

Mutual action plan & digital sales room for complex sales cycles that need to close faster

DealPoint recognized as Top Sales Tool of 2021.
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Selling to value and aligning with the customer is the goal of all modern sales methodologies.

Dates don’t slip and budgets materialize. Competitors vanish and senior decision makers take notice. Deals close faster, forecasts are accurate. Everyone hits their number.

DealPoint makes it easy.

Any process, every rep, every deal.


Set the standard for sales transparency

Reps & Buyers agree on every step on every deal; Customer Success is engaged early for a smooth hand-over; and Buyers are confident to seek internal consensus.


Know if your buyers are serious

A Buyer will engage when they are serious and believe you can help. Be ready with the right template, invite the right folks to customize it and watch Buyers adopt your plan as their own.


Trust forward-facing revenue intelligence

Is the deal on track? Are the right people engaging? Is each deal aligned with a Buyer priority? Use forward-facing indicators to enhance your forecast accuracy and dial in your sales stages.



DealPoint’s secure Deal Rooms are built around Mutual Action Plans, accounting for everything the buying and selling teams need to educate, evaluate and implement a complex offering 


Mutual Action Plan

From your CRM, spin up a MAP showing a safe, simple path from today to customer value — customized for each deal and ready to share with buyers in 15 seconds.

Team Mapping

Build trust by sharing profiles of the selling team and aligning them with their counterparts on the buying team. See who’s engaged and following through on their commitments.


Document Share

Invite buyers to share case studies, requirements, links, and documents all in one place. All buyer activity is tracked and pushed to the CRM.

Analytics & Integrations

Two-way integration with Salesforce and other CRMs allows buyer engagement & deal status to flow easily, and reduces CRM busywork.