Operationalized Mutual Action Plans

Customers ❤️
Mutual Action Plans

Customer-centric selling is the fastest path to predicable revenue

You just need a MAP

Customer-Centric Selling

A Mutual Action Plan is a work-back plan ending with the customer’s ROI and working back to now. 

DealPoint puts MAPs in the cloud to elevate sales reps from vendor to trusted advisor, guide consistent discovery and keep both sides accountable throughout the buying process.

With a safe path to success, customers feel they’re in safe hands, reps enjoy a higher win rate, and forecasts are validated by buyers instead of rep ‘happy ears’.



Increase Control & Drive The Close

DQ bad deals and enjoy a higher win ratio on more good deals 


Transparency & Trust

Feel they’re in save hands as they make the emotional decision to buy


Predictable Revenue

Direct insights, consistent cadence, & accurate forecasting across the team

A clear plan forward flips the perspective from
“being sold” to “helping solve my problem”

Everyone focused on the end goal of buyer value

Internal champion feels set up for success

Reduces “political” risks of endorsing a new vendor

Less homework for buyers to keep up to date

Senior stakeholder visibility prevents foot dragging

Cloud Based

Everyone on the same page

  • Always up to date
  • Real-time buyer engagement metrics
  • One click integration to Salesforce or Hubspot
Template-Driven Sales Plays

A carrot instead of a stick

  • Implement your org’s existing process / plays into MAP templates 
  • Buyer-facing MAP keeps Reps following best practice
  • Coach from a deal’s Mutual Action Plan 
Clean Design

No more ugly spreadsheets

  • Pro presentation penetrates deep inside buying org
  • Drive credibility vs. other vendors
  • Reps don’t see a busywork to complete, they see an asset to share 

Tom Williams 
DealPoint  CEO

“Poorly qualified deals are the silent killers of revenue predictability in every sales org in the world.”