It’s all about
transparency & process

Transparency for decision makers and better process for reps are probably the two biggest dials you can turn to make a measurable difference on close rate and time to revenue.

DealPoint is the fastest way for your team to get there.




A unique home for each deal, where the buying team and selling team can meet, collaborate on next steps and share files until the deal gets done.

Mutually agreed next steps

Reps stay in control with upfront agreement at each step and prospects always know what’s going on. Just like Sandler says.

Web meetings made simple

Start every meeting on time with no downloads required or connect to your own WebEx account.

File share in context

Prospects never need to hunt through email with everything in one place, ready to share with other decision makers.

Detailed buyer activity data to your CRM

High confidence forecasts & productive coaching plus insights into internal decision making process.

A better buying experience at every point of the buyer journey

Increased win rate

65% of purchase decisions are based on buying experience, not price. With everything in one place, there’s less work for prospects, and they have the tools they need to get buy-in internally and win budget.

Short story: It’s easier to do business with you versus the competition, and it’s easier to say yes.

Faster time to revenue

Having everyone on the same page aligns reps and prospects on priorities and next steps, which keeps good deals moving forward, so more revenue can be pulled into the current quarter.

Equally important, you drop bad deals sooner, speeding up average time to revenue and wasting less rep time.

Actionable data for business reviews & coaching

DealPoint pushes every meeting, invite, next step, and file view to the associated opportunity in Salesforce, so managers can drill down during QBRs and really get a sense of where each deal is in the sales cycle.

More efficient Sales Ops

From high-resolution customer engagement data powering more accurate sales forecasts to implementing better sales process to simply giving reps a more streamlined tool set, teams that use deal rooms are more efficient.

They sell more too.