MEDDIC is a great methodology because it’s not too prescriptive, and with the freedom to add just about any letter of the alphabet to it — MEDIC, MEDDICC, MEDDPICC, MEDDPICCR – it’s flexible enough to meet every org’s needs.

However, with today’s high-expectation, low-risk buyers, MEDDIC has four major gaps that put a successful close at risk.

  • MEDDIC was designed as a checklist for Manager and Rep to review, but it doesn’t provide a way for reps to gather inputs consistently.
  • You could have a 100% scored MEDDIC deal with no idea of expected close date because there’s no accommodation for timeframe.
  • There’s no place to validate your needs as a seller.
  • There’s zero consideration of the Buyers’ needs.



Mutual Action Plans complement MEDDIC perfectly

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